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Avomine 25mg

These tablets work well as a sleeping tablet. Each time I've taken one 25mg tablet I have slept through the night. Felt a bit groggy initially the next day but worth it. I understand that they should not be used too frequently as a sleeping tablet because the body becomes accustomed to the drug and they then lose their efficacy. They are also effective as a decongestant preventing an annoying 'post nasal drip' at the back of the throat especially at night.

27/01/2020 16:41
Anonymous Verified

Avomine 25mg

Works wonderful for me. I can travel on all means of transport with no sickness or dizziness. Has opened up the world for me.

03/07/2023 14:07
Anonymous Verified

Avomine 25mg

Does as expected

30/04/2021 20:23
Anonymous Verified

Avomine 25mg

Works perfectly to prevent my motion sickness thank you

04/07/2020 23:20
Anonymous Verified

Avomine 25mg

Love these patches as they really work for me

08/11/2018 12:09
Anonymous Verified

Avomine 25mg

Delivered as ordered. Kept aboard but Scopolamine patches more effective.

12/09/2018 19:12
D. Patuck Verified

Avomine 25mg

Very efficient service from ordering to delivery, will use for all other medicinal requirements.

21/04/2017 15:37
D. Robinson Verified


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