Chlamydia test – test on urine – samples collected at home

Chlamydia often produces no symptoms, particularly in women. It is the commonest sexually transmitted disease found in the UK. The symptoms of chlamydia vary and often go unnoticed.

Dr Fox supplies chlamydia test kits in the post. Included in the test kit is a pot for a urine sample. A urine sample is collected at home. This sample is posted to a laboratory in the envelope provided. The cost of the chlamydia test kit covers the cost of carrying out the test and the cost of returning the test result.
How to order
The chlamydia test results are either returned by post or can be obtained by visiting a participating chemist. There is a link to a list of participating chemist on the chlamydia test page. It takes about a week for test results to be returned by post. Full instructions on how to collect a urine sample and how to obtain the results are included in the chlamydia test kit.

The whole process is private and confidential. Information about the test and the results are not shared or given to GPs unless this is specifically requested.

The test for chlamydia is accurate in detecting chlamydia and unlikely to give a false negative result. If chlamydia infection is present the test nearly always finds it.

A negative test result for chlamydia provides a high degree of certainty chlamydia infection is not present. It takes about 2 weeks after catching chlamydia for the result to become positive. It takes about 5 weeks after succesful treatment of chlamydia for test results to become negative.

Occasionally a chlamydia test result is equivocal. This means the test result is unclear and could be either positive or negative. When the test result is equivocal a repeat sample kit will be supplied without charge for repeat testing. It is unusual for a second test not to give a clear result.

Chlamydia tests look for antibodies to chlamydia (Nucleic Acid Amplification Technique, NAAT). This is the agreed standard test for chlamydia used by the NHS. The brand of test kit supplied by Dr Fox is called Clamelle.

A negative chlamydia test result provides reassurance about chlamydia only. It does not mean there are no other sexually transmitted diseases present. If a person suspects they may have picked up a sexually transmitted disease, such as gonorrhoea or herpes, a visit to a genitourinary clinic or a GP is advised.

A positive test result means chlamydia infection is present and there is a need for antibiotic treatment. The usual antibiotic treatment for chlamydia is a convenient single dose of the antibiotic azithromycin. For people who are allergic to azithromycin there is an alternative antibiotic. This alternative antibiotic is doxycycline taken twice daily for 7 days. Doxycycline is equally effective, slightly less expensive, and best suits people who are organised enough to complete a week long course of treatment.

Treatment with antibiotic is important. However antibiotic treatment is not the only measure that needs to be taken when a chlamydia test result is positive. A person with a positive test result should, if they are able, inform previous and current sexual partner(s). This will reduce chlamydia infection; protect the partner(s) and prevent re-infection of the person with the positive test result.

People with positive chlamydia test results and their partner(s) can obtain antibiotic treatment from Dr Fox. They undertake an online consultation and if eligble can order either the single dose treatment with azithromycin or a 7 day course of doxycycline.

The chlamydia test itself is a non-prescription item. Antibiotics are supplied on prescription. Medicine is dispensed and posted by our registered pharmacy.