Travel health kits and medicine for travellers

Dr Fox supplies travel medicine including all. malaria tablets, antibiotics for traveller’s diarrhoea, anti-diarrhoea and anti-sickness tablets. We also give travel information and links to reliable sources of information about travel. For people in the UK we recommend visiting the NHS travel site.

Travel medicines are not usually available on the NHS. Medicine for travel is supplied on private prescriptions with the medicine being paid for at commercial prices.
Travel health medicines available
Doctors are often asked, what should be in a travel medicine kit for someone visiting such and such a country. The answer to the question, ‘what medical kit’, will depend on many things apart from the country a person plans to visit.

A backpacker’s travel kit needs to be light but also needs to include medicine to deal with conditions a person might get in less salubrious surroundings. A business traveller who is going to Russia for a week, or couple going to Thailand need a different travel kit to a family staying on a Yak farm for a month. The needs of a travel medicine kit are as varied as travel its self.

Planning a trip to a new country can be exciting and nerve racking particularly for people who are  not seasoned travellers. I would like to stress that of all conditions malaria is one not to be trifled with.

When it comes to malaria there is no point in taking risks. Malaria is the disease above all others where it is essential to take the right preventative medicine and to be sure the medicine is genuine. Links to the website most frequently used by doctors in the UK as a source of up to date information on the currently recommended anti-malaria tablets can be found on our malaria pages.

We carry out online consultations and supply all malaria tablets at reasonable prices.

People often want to know if they can buy medicine when they get to their destination. Medicine bought in Europe or America will almost certainly be genuine medicine. However, in these parts of the world just as in the UK, most medicine such antibiotic is available on prescription only. It may be difficult of find a doctor and get a prescription abroad. It may be less expensive to take medicine with you from home.

A lot of medicine available without a prescription from medicine shops throughout the less developed world is substandard or fake. Fake medicine is surprisingly common. Fake medicine even occasionally reaches the supply chain in UK NHS pharmacies. There is a good chance an antibiotic bought without a prescription in many countries will be fake, substandard or out of date. It could even contain some harmful ingredient. Medicine bought without a prescription may not be the right medicine.

Some antibiotics are more likely to cause diarrhoea than cure it.

People’s attitude to risk varies. Some people are not comfortable unless they are prepared for everything. They cannot relax until they know they have followed all the recommendations. These people can end up carrying a vast array of lotions, potions, plasters and bandages; enough sometimes to open a small clinic.  Other people are not happy unless they are doing things on a wing and a prayer. For the risk takers I would caution malaria is not a disease to take risks with. Some anti-malaria tablets, but not all, can be expensive. It is money well spent.

Vaccinations are also lifesavers and should not be thought of as optional. Vaccines against hepatitis, yellow fever (sometimes compulsory), and meningitis are effective and important.

More complete information can be found on the pages of the Dr Fox site and on the NHS information site.

Travellers diarrhoea is another condition that, although not normally dangerous, can be unpleasant. It is worth considering carrying antibiotics for traveller’s diarrhoea in a travel medicine kit.

Some medicines just make travel more productive and enjoyable, travel sickness medicine.

Many people do not want to wrap themselves in cotton wool when they travel. It is nevertheless worth remembering a bit of caution goes a long way when in foreign lands.