Antibiotic on prescription for treatment of travellers diarrhoea

Dr Fox supplies antibiotics on prescription for the treatment of travellers diarrhoea. Online consultation and information. Azithromycin and ciprofloxacin antibiotics are posted from our NHS partner pharmacy.

Traveller’s diarrhoea is surprisingly common. Figures vary, some suggest 50% of people going to less developed countries will get traveller’s diarrhoea. The reason is not always poor hygiene.
How to order

Microbiologists going to conferences in place like Mexico and Thailand take a small supply of antibiotic with them in case they get struck down with diarrhoea on their trips.

The body and the gut are loaded with millions of bacteria. People’s bodies get used to their own bacteria. We live in a comfortable co-existence with our microbes. However the bacteria in one country are different to those in another. Lick your finger in Delhi and your gut is in for a surprise! The new bugs are not usually the ones we think of as the causes of diarrhoea. It is not normally salmonella or dysentery that is the culprit, although these can be picked up abroad.

The body often has no defence and the new bugs are free to overwhelm people’s normal bacteria to produce the familiar gastroenteritis symptoms of traveller’s diarrhoea.

A short course of antibiotic, even a single dose of antibiotic, most often will knock the problem on the head. Symptoms usually settle within 24 hours. Perhaps surprisingly taking an antibiotic in this way does not leave the body open to the risks of other infections, or weaken the body’s immunity, or as far as we know, have any serious consequences. The diarrhoea tends to clear up allowing people to get on with their trips.

Not everybody can take antibiotic and some antibiotics are better for treating traveller’s diarrhoea than others. Dr Fox provides advice on which is the preferred antibiotic for different regions of the world. The evidence comes from various studies. Dr Fox also carries out the checks and gives advice on how and when to use the treatment. The antibiotic we provide will be right for you and right for the country you are going to.

Self-treatment is not for everybody and when it is not working people need to know what to do. Dr Fox explains all this on the website before people buy the antibiotic.

Antibiotic for traveller’s diarrhoea is not the whole answer when gastro is upon us. It is most important to drink plenty to replace fluid loss. Anti-diarrhoea tablets and anti-sickness tablets, also available to eligible people through Dr Fox, reduce symptoms and help you enjoy your trip and do your work.

Some people might be tempted to say they will get antibiotics abroad when they need them. They might not get the right antibiotic. It might be fake medicine. When a person is running to the toilet every few minutes, feeling feverish and vomiting is not time they want to be braving the a trip to the local tablet seller.

Personally I carry antibiotics on my trips.

Tony Steele M.B. Ch.B.