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Dr Fox provides online consultations and supplies melatonin of prescription for the treatment of Jet lag.

Jet lag is one of those things we forget about until it hits us. There is little more likely to make a person feel miserable than being wide-awake after a sleepless night and watching the sun come up.

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Jet lag is the bane of some professional travellers lives. They are always adjusting to different time zones, always tired when they need to be awake, hungry when nobody else wants to eat and awake in the middle of the night. Jet lag for some people is more than just an inconvenience.

For the holiday travellers or the occasional business traveller jet lag can make all the difference between and enjoyable productive trip and a frustrating period of restlessness and misery. By the time the traveller adjusts to where they are in the world half their trip may have passed. Before they know it they are off home and it all starts again.

Not everybody is affected by jet lag in the same way. Some people breeze across the time zones without a care. Children tend to be less affected by jet lag. The elderly on the other hand tend to get jet lag badly. Jet lag tends to get worse with age.

It has long been known that jet lag is more likely to occur when flying from West to East than when flying East to West. As far as I am aware there is no explanation of this.

The body has various clocks, cycles and rhythms determining amongst other things sleep and wakefulness. It is the upsetting of these clocks that leads to jet lag. In jet lag the body clock takes time to catch up with new time zones.

Several hormones are concerned with maintaining the body’s night-day rhythm (Circadian rhythm). One of these is melatonin. There is a substantial amount of evidence that melatonin tablets, taken in the evenings on arrival at a new destination will help people to get off to sleep more quickly. Melatonin tablets reduce the catch up time by mimicking the natural cycle of this naturally occurring hormone.

Melatonin is produced by a tiny and evolutionary old part of the brain called the pineal gland. The amount of melatonin goes up and down during the day. The amount in the circulation is affected by factors including day length and how much strong natural light a person is exposed to.

The military of some countries have for years given melatonin tablets to pilots to counter the effect of jet lag.

The reputation of melatonin as a treatment for jet lag is mixed. This mixed reputation of melatonin is surprising as analysis of various studies by the most reputable medical research bodies endorses the use of melatonin for jet lag.

Dr Fox gives advice on how to counter jet lag. We also carry out checks to see if is safe for you to take and provide genuine melatonin tablets. Melatonin is one of those treatment which is not cheap or mainstream and there are a lot of fake melatonin tablets being supplied from illegal websites. Dr Fox supplies medicine from an NHS partner pharmacy.