Prescriptions online – Dr Fox online clinic for medicine

Last month an online clinic opened. This clinic is different.

It does not hide the names of its doctors. It is not based in Canada or China or a place with no address. It is UK regulated and registered, a bona fide medical clinic practicing regular medicine.

There are only three other online clinics in the UK registered with the Care Quality Commission specifically to provide online medical services.

Dr Fox is here and is offering prescriptions online for some treatments the NHS does not pay for.

The NHS does not provide malaria tablets or travel or jet lag medicine. Dr Fox does. Dr Fox also supplies medicines rationed on the NHS, including erectile dysfunction and hair loss treatments. There is no embarrassment. The cost is reasonable.

Some medicines only prescribed in the past by GPs can now be obtained at Dr Fox delivered to the door. Hay fever, thrush, chlamydia, contraception, morning after pill, and antibiotics for cystitis are all treatments available from Dr Fox. DNA paternity testing and confidential chlamydia testing are also possible.

People can get the medicine they need quickly at Dr Fox, no waiting for a doctor to get back to them. Most medical online clinics ask people to enter information at one visit and make a second visit later for an order. At Dr Fox the process is all in one.

Dr Fox is also a good place to go for medical information, advice and links to reputable medical websites. People can even take our consultations without registering or paying. People can see if they are eligible for treatment without any fuss.

Dr Fox has been set up by NHS GPs with 25 years of experience. We know well how people can spend too much time in surgeries. Dr Fox has taken some routine treatments out of the surgery and put them on the web. We can carry out checks and provide information online. We make sure everything is safe. We provide treatment with confidence.

Dr Fox takes a precautionary approach to prescribing, checking for contraindications in structured questionnaires. We do not prescribe medicine that is addictive or likely to be abused.

People’s personal information is protected, communication online is through secure web-links, and medicine is sent by recorded delivery. Our NHS partner pharmacy is a registered online pharmacy.

Dr Fox does not replace the GP. We do provide convenient access to prescriptions online and at the same time relieve a burden on the NHS.