Prescription Medicine Online Clinic

Online clinics can be incredibly expensive for popular medicines. Most UK online clinics charge two, three and even four times the wholesale cost of medicine. A new clinic is making a difference. Dr Fox charges the wholesale price for medicine plus about 15%.

You may be paying hundreds of pounds too much for treatment. For example Dr Fox charges £210 for a twelve week course of Champix where nearly all other clinics charge around £400. The differences for erectile dysfunction treatments are the same. For the hair loss treatment, Propecia, Dr Fox charges £40 whilst the “The Online Clinic” charges £90. And the list goes on.

Medicine prices compared

For comparisons tables see erectile dysfunction prices compared and more clinic prices compared.

It is difficult to know why online clinics charge what they do. Profiteering is one explanation; perhaps they just have different overheads. All these clinics carry out consultations online where customers enter personal medical information. Doctors assess the information and issue prescriptions and the medicine in posted from registered UK pharmacies. There is no difference in the medicine supplied. It comes from the same drug companies.

Pricing regulations changed

Up until two months ago online clinics could hide their charges behind a regulation which prevented websites displaying prices before consultations. The regulation has now changed in favour of the consumer. Dr Fox displays all its prices up front. Other clinics don’t, which is not surprising in view of the prices they charge.

It is taking time for consumer advice sites to catch up with how prices of medicine online are changing. It would seem right for Which and “money saving sites” and other consumer organisations to review their recommendations. Individual customers find it difficult to compare prices because clinics charging the most are reluctant to let people know. As time goes by, eventually, consumers will pick up on where they can get the best deals. They need help from medical journalists and people in the know.

Unregulated clinics

It is important people get their medicine only from regulated online clinics posting medicine from registered pharmacies in the UK. Overseas based internet pharmacies may supply fake or substandard copies of medicine, and in the worst cases, even dangerous substances. It is not unheard of for people having taken pills they bought online to end up with some serious problems. This has included time in hospital for some.

People like the convenience and confidentiality of an online service but they should not have to pay an arm and a leg. Online clinics offer a great service, particularly for medicine not available on the NHS, but you do not necessarily get what you pay for. It is a case of, the shopper beware, and shop around for the best deals. You could save yourself a lot of money.