Expensive and Low Cost Online Clinics

Expensive medicine online

Dr Fox has the lowest online clinic prices in the UK by far. See comparisons online clinic costs.

The price a person pays for treatment matters. A customer of Dr Fox recently emailed with the following:

The trip went well and I’m Malaria free! :) I heard some amazing stories of how people were buying these tablets off other travellers because of the exorbitant premium they have to pay in their own countries or even just not taking them because they are too expensive! Hopefully your service goes some way to keeping people safe for a fair price!

We of course agree with this customer.

Health risks of high price of medicine

Up until last year, when the Dr Fox website was launched, people wanting to use reputable online clinics in the UK had only clinics charging high prices to choose from. This must have encouraged many people to take the risk of obtaining medicines from unregulated overseas websites.

A recent study  by professor Professor Kirby at the University of Hertfordshire found 3 in 10 men who obtained erectile dysfunction medicines – Cialis (Talafil), Levitra and Sidenalfil – online in Europe did so from illegal websites. The study published in the The British Journal of Sexual Medicine,  looked at 11,889 men throughout Europe. The research showed six million men in Europe are bypassing the healthcare system.

Men using unregulated websites risk getting fake medicine, not getting the advice they need, and not having the checks they need to make sure the medicine is safe for them.

A new website comparing the prices of online erectile dysfunction clinics is welcome news – see www.erectiledysfunctionclinic.co.uk. We hope they maintain a vigil on the high prices charged by many online ED clinics.

Low cost Malarone tablets

Another medicine people obtain online is a malaria tablet called Malarone. Malarone tablets are produced by only one company, GlaxoSmithKline. As a consequence the price of Malarone tablets is high. Add in the cost of a private prescription and people taking a trip of a few weeks will be spending over £100.00 on malarone tablets.

Taking the right anti-malaria tablet is clearly important, as the recent news about Cheryl Cole being treated for malaria illustrates. It is important there is a competitive market from reputable online clinics providing these tablets.

Convenience of online clinics

For people using the Dr Fox website the prices charged make an online clinic an attractive option. Online clinics give people good advice and links to medical information websites. These clinics also provide contact with online doctors by phone and web-messaging without the need for appointments and waiting rooms. People like the convenience and the confidentiality.

Telling people the cost of treatment

Online pharmacies are not allowed to advertise their prices for prescription medicines, although in practice this is happening via Google’s online shopping listings.

Online clinics provide consultation and prescription services and include these within the price they charge. Clinics showing  the costs of their service are complying with good medical practice. Online clinic prices, in our view, should be more widely known. This would allow people can take informed decisions about their healthcare and encourage people to protect themselves.