Omega 3 supplements – Omacor and Maxepa on prescription

There are two prescription medicines containing omega 3 fish oils; Omacor and Maxepa. Dr Fox carries out online consultations and supplies Omacor and Maxepa on prescription.

Omega-3 oils are an essential part of the diet. Omega 3 in the diet comes mainly from vegetables and fatty fish such a salmon, sardines, mackerel and trout.
How to order
The Food Standards Agency recommends a daily intake of 7 grams of omega 3 from fish sources. Most people do not achieve this recommended daily intake. Omacor and Maxepa supplements contain the type of fish oils most often recommended by nutritionists to boost intake to the recommended levels.

Omega 3 has proven benefits when it is taken at recommended doses after a heart attack and is also prescribed for the treatment of high blood lipid (blood fat) levels.

As more people become aware of the health benefits of omega 3s there has been a trend for food manufacturers to advertise the omega 3 content of their products. This can be misleading as most of the omega 3 contained in processed foods comes from vegetables. The most beneficial type of omega 3 is the longer chain molecule type of omega 3 found in fish.

There are benefits from increasing the proportion of fat in the diet coming from vegetable rather than animal sources. This shift from animal fats to vegetable fat reduces the intake of the less desirable omega 6 oils.

The suggested benefits of taking omega 3 include an improvement in blood lipid levels, reduced arthritis and improved immunity. These suggested benefits are unproven in the sense that there are no incontrovertible studies proving these benefits. Dr Fox supplies omega 3 on prescription as a way boosting the daily intake of these oils up to the daily-recommended levels.

It is possible to have too much omega 3, either from eating very large quantities of oily fish on a daily basis or from taking excessive amounts of supplements. The daily dose of Maxepa and Omacor should not be exceeded. Serious harm to health is unlikely to occur unless the daily recommended intake is exceeded on a prolonged basis.

Some over the counter medicine and dietary supplements advertise they contain omega 3. It is usually quite difficult for a person buying these products to be sure these products contain the correct amount and right type of fish oil. Dr Fox follows prescribing guidelines for Maxepa and Omacor. This ensures the right type and the right amount of fish oil is taken. The details of the omega 3 content of the medicines we supply can be found on our information page.

The benefits of increasing fish oil intake apply only when the recommended daily intake is maintained over a period of years.

Maxepa and Omacor are available on prescription and over the counter without a prescription. Dr Fox carries out an online consultation before prescribing omega 3 supplements. Some people with pre-existing health problems or people taking some prescription medicines should not take omega 3 supplements. Some people require monitoring whilst they take omega 3. We provide information about how to take omega 3 safely and check for contraindications before an order for tablets can be made. Dr Fox provides a list of contraindications to treatment and gives advice on taking Omacor and Maxepa. We also list the common side effects and provide a link to the patient information leaflets supplied with medication.

All the medicines supplied by Dr Fox are dispensed and posted from our registered pharmacy.