Malaria can kill – anti-malaria tablets on prescription

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Every year hundreds of travellers from the UK catch malaria and tens of people die. The risks of travelling to a malaria area without taking the right anti-malaria tablet are difficult to overstate.
Prices and how to order
Nobody is immune to malaria. Even people who have been exposed to malaria all their lives can become critically unwell with it. It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to catch malaria.

The danger posed by malaria comes in part from the rapidity with which symptoms develop. It can sometimes take less than 24 hours between someone first starting to have a fever to the time they are in coma. A person who does not get malaria diagnosis and treatment quickly is in real danger. Once symptoms are advanced malaria treatment, however good it is, may not work. People travelling in remote areas for prolonged periods where they are far from medical help should consult a doctor about the need to take a malaria treatment with them in case they need to treat themselves.

For these reasons it is important people respect malaria and do all they can to avoid catching it.

The mainstay of malaria prevention is malaria prophylaxis. Anti-malaria tablets taken regularly before, during and after exposure for the recommended periods provide a high degree of protection, although no anti-malaria tablet is 100% effective. It is also important to take measure to reduce the chances of being bitten by infected mosquitos.

Most anti-malaria tablets are not available without a prescription. Anti-malaria tablets are not usually available on NHS prescriptions. Doctors issue private prescriptions for malaria tablets to their NHS patients. The patient then buys the tablets from a chemist.

Some types of the malaria parasite are more aggressive than others and tend to cause more serious illness. Some malaria parasites are resistant to drugs that have been used in the past to prevent and treat malaria.

It is important people select the right anti-malaria tablet for the area they plan to visit. Dr Fox links people to the website used by NHS travel services in the UK. The up-to-date information on this Fitfortravel website comes from Public Health England and other international bodies such as the WHO. The advice on which malaria prophylaxis to take for each country varies over time as the patterns of malaria resistance change.

Once the right malaria tablet is selected from the Fitfortravel website the malaria consultation on the Dr Fox website will tell a person if the medicine selected is suitable for them. Dr Fox checks for contraindications to each anti-malaria tablet.

Eligible people can order anti-malaria tablets on the Dr Fox website. The tablets are then dispensed and posted by our associate NHS pharmacy partner.

The price of anti-malaria tablets varies enormously depending mainly on the type of tablet. Malarone for example is expensive. Pharmacies have a mark-up on the prices they charge. This mark-up can vary enormously. It pays to shop around.

It is not unusual for seasoned travellers to swap information about where in the world they can buy the cheapest anti-malaria tablets. The most expensive anti-malaria tablets, if they are genuine, are expensive throughout the world.

Malaria is not a condition where taking the risk of buying fake medicine is a risk worth taking.