Hair loss treatments on prescription

Dr Fox carries out online consultation and supplies hair loss treatments on prescription.

Hair loss is one of those things people do not think about until it happens to them. There are newer creams and tablets availabe on prescription. Propecia (finasteride) tablets and Regaine topical are clinically proven.
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Remedies for hair loss have for many years centred on keeping the scalp healthy. Doctors have long taken the view that if the scalp is scaly and dry and inflamed, hair tends to fall out more. Where the scalp is itchy and sore, and hair loss patchy, there may be a treatable skin condition causing the hair loss. There may be a type of eczema called seborrheic dermatitis causing inflammation along the hairline. This is associated with dandruff and in severe cases can lead to hair loss.

There are slow growing skin funguses some of which have a preference for hair-covered areas. These can over time cause hair to be lost in patches or clumps.

Tar based shampoos and lotions together with the more modern anti-fungal scalp preparations if used regularly can improve the health of the scalp. They reduce the hair loss associated with inflamed skin. Where there is generalised eczema or psoriasis leading to hair loss steroid lotions and psoriasis treatment can preserve hair by settling the inflammation of the scalp.

Most forms of hair loss, particularly in men, are not connected with fungal infection or the health of the scalp. Men are prone to male pattern baldness, a condition running in families where the familiar pattern of thinning on top and the temples eventually leaves a ring of hair at the sides and back. This pattern of baldness is not associated with any underlying health problems. It is simply an inherited pattern of hair loss. In men there is genreally less stigma to hair loss than there once was. Nevertheless it can be distressing.

Women’s hair tends to thin as time goes by. By the age of 40 most women have some hair loss. After the menopause female hair loss tends to speed up. Most women in their post-retirement years are aware of thinning of their hair.

The prescription medicine provided by Dr Fox is aimed at these types of natural hair loss in men and women. Regaine is a local application; either a lotion or a gel, which when applied regularly to the scalp changes the balance of hair loss and re-growth. Hair grows in follicles in cycles. Regaine increase the part of the cycle in which new hair grows and reduces the shedding of hairs. Men and women can use Regaine.

Propecia is specifically a treatment for male pattern baldness. Propecia is a formulation of finasteride. This drug blocks the effect of the hormones in men that are involved in producing male pattern baldness.

Whereas treatments other than Regaine and Propecia may reduce inflammation of the scalp and slow hair loss Regaine and Propecia actually promote hair re-growth. For links to the data on the effectiveness of these treatments see the hair loss pages of Dr Fox.