Flying high: 3 jet lag apps

jet lag appsAnyone who suffers from jet lag knows it’s not a pleasant thing to endure.

Caused by the disruption of the body’s circadian rhythms when we travel, jet lag is a condition that affects everyone differently.

For some people, it makes them disoriented, lethargic or irritated, and insomnia is often a symptom. But no matter how it manifests itself, one thing’s for certain – it can ruin an otherwise idyllic holiday or important business trip.

As with most things nowadays, there’s an app for everything, and jet lag is no exception.

There’s no cure for jet lag, but there are few tricks you can do to you get your body clock back on the straight and narrow.

Jet Lag Rooster – Free

On the surface, Jet Lag Rooster does something you could quite easily do yourself but just don’t take the time to.

This app asks for all the details about your upcoming trip – departure city, departure time, arrival city, arrival time – and your sleeping habits, when you usually go to bed, and what time you usually wake up. Armed with this info, it then calculates a very specific sleep plan for the next five days.

Part of the plan includes ideal sleeping and waking times for every day and times you should be exposing yourself to or avoiding light.

Sure, there’s nothing rocket science about it, but it’s a great app for nudging you to do what you know you should to beat the dreaded jet lag.

Jet Lag Genie – £1.99

The Jet Lag Genie app shares a lot of the same features as Jet Lag Rooster, but it also boasts a sleeker design and a few extra gimmicks. Furthermore, it creates a personal sleep plan based on your trip itinerary as well as offering a recommended melatonin plan.

However, it doesn’t take into account the fact that it just might not be possible to sleep an hour after you’ve landed to reset your body clock, and it’s negligible whether or not the app offers enough extra value to make it worth forking out your hard-earned cash for.

Entrain – Free

This fantastic app was designed by the maths bods at the University of Michigan and lets you create your own schedule which exposes your body to light and dark based on your travel itinerary.

The results are based on published scientific results regarding sleep patterns, so it’s an app that taps into the data nerd in all of us. You can submit your sleep data, graph it, and keep a jet lag diary.

Get the Entrain jet lag app.

These apps are useful tools that can help you manage and adjust more effortlessly to new time zones, but ultimately it’s up to you follow their advice and beat the agonies of jet lag once and for all.

As well as these apps, you can also ease the symptoms of jet lag with natural hormone tablets from Dr Fox.