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Dr Fox online UK supplies thrush treatments on prescription. Online consultations for canesten and gyno-daktarin cream and pessaries and fluconazole tablets. Medicine posted from our registered pharmacy.

Thrush is one of those conditions that is not fully understood. Some women are sensitive to thrush and are prone to flare ups of thrush symptoms.

Some women will get a fairly predictable outbreak of symptoms when they take antibiotics. The vagina naturally has is its own bacteria. These bacteria, of which there are many, have an effect on acidity in the vagina. The natural bacteria suppress the growth of the candida yeast causing thrush. Antibiotics reduce the bacteria allowing thrush to flourish. This is the reason some women will ask their doctor for a thrush treatment every time they need an antibiotic.

Thrush also thrives when there is extra glucose. Diabetics tend to have more trouble with thrush. A flare up of thrush can be a sign of reduced immunity. Most women who are troubled with thrush are entirely healthy. Thrush treatment is only needed when it is causing symptoms.

The yeast causing thrush symptoms is usually candida albicans. This is natural yeast often found on the skin of men and women. Most people have no symptoms. Candida albicans does not need to be treated if is not causing symptoms; on the contrary it is part of the desirable mix of microbes making up the body’s natural environment.

Some women for reasons that are not known become sensitive to thrush. Their skin reacts to the thrush yeast becoming sore, itchy and inflamed. Men too can become sensitive to thrush. In male thrush this sensitivity leads to redness and inflammation of the head of the penis.

A man may realise he has a sensitivity to thrush when he gets symptoms after intercourse. His partner may have no symptoms

Treatments for thrush have improved greatly in the last few decades. There are now effective creams and pessaries.  There is also a single dose thrush tablet which works like an antibiotic for thrush.

Women who are troubled by thrush can get a range thrush treatments from the Dr Fox website. Dr Fox carries out a brief consultation online to check the treatment is suitable. Eligible men and women can buy thrush cream and thrush tablets. These thrush treatments are supplied on prescription and posted to the door.

The thrush treatments provided by Dr Fox include single dose fluconazole tablets, canesten cream, canesten peassaries and gyno-daktarin cream and pessaries.

As with all areas of medicine there are alternative treatments for thrush. None of these have evidence to support their use. Occasionally people will use natural yogurt applied to the affected area. This may sooth the skin but it is messy and probably not very effective.

Thrush creams, thrush pessaries and thrush tablets relieve symptoms rapidly and safely.