Anti-viral medicine on prescription – Tamiflu for seasonal flu

The swine flu crisis may be over but seasonal flu comes round every year. Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) for the treatment of seasonal flu is available on prescription from Dr Fox. The anti-viral medicine Tamiflu is supplied by online consultation. The medicine is dispensed and posted from our NHS partner pharmacy.
How to order
Each year in the autumn there is an increase in flu. The strain of flu and the severity of flu changes each year. Flu is more than a simple cold. Flu usually forces people to take to their beds for a few days. Occasionally flu can lead to complications and even require hospital treatment.

Most healthy people who get flu recover completely after a week to 10 days. During the infection, when symptoms are at their worst, it is best to rest in bed, keep warm, drink plenty and take paracetamol. If after a few days flu symptoms are not improving health advice should be sought.

People who are keen to reduce flu symptoms and get back on their feet more quickly might consider taking an anti-viral medicine such as Tamiflu (Oseltamivir). This might be somone who is travelling, a person in the middle of some critical project, or where a person has dependents relying on them. As with other treatments for infection Tamiflu works best if taken early. For this reason Dr Fox advises people who already have flu symptoms to consult a GP to avoid a delay in obtaining treatment.

The Dr Fox service is intended to provided standby antiviral treatment with Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) to be taken as soon as flu symptoms start.

People with underlying health problems, such as respiratory disease, heart conditions and diabetes should consult a doctor at the onset of flu symptoms. A doctor may advise people in these high risk groups to take an anti-viral medicine such as Tamiflu (oseltamivir). A GP will probably want to keep a close eye on a person who is prone to developing complications from flu infection.

Anti-viral treatment with Tamiflu reduces the severity and length of flu symptoms. Anti-virals for virus infections can be thought of as similar to antibiotics for bacterial infections, although anti-viral treatments for flu are not usually as effective as antibiotics taken for bacterial infections.

Tamiflu can also taken to reduce the chances of catching flu. A person with flu is infectious whilst they have symptoms. People in contact with a person who has flu are at risk catching it. Taking an anti-viral medicine after being in contact with flu reduces the chances of catching the infection. The risk is reduced but not eliminated.

Dr Fox carries out consultations online. Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) will not be prescribed to people at high risk of developing complications from flu infection. Anti-viral medicine will not be prescribed where there are contraindications. Dr Fox advises instead to see a GP. The Dr Fox flu page provides information about flu and links to medical websites including the NHS Choices website.

Medicine supplied by Dr Fox is posted by recorded delivery from our partner NHS pharmacy.