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It's that time of year again, when every man must don face fuzz for a good cause. Yep, Movember is back from 1st November. In support, Dr Fox have launched a new and astonishing breakthrough tonic for men who are follicly-challenged in the upper-lip department.

For every show of support, Dr Fox will build on the amount donated to Movember, up to a maximum limit of £1000.
Current Total: £18 (last updated 28 Nov 2013)
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Whether you dream of cultivating a handlebar, pencil or Fu Manchu, we can help you get involved and grow the moustache you've always wished for.

Introducing Dr Fox's Mo-Gro Tonic – to help you get the very best moustache for Movember.

Mo-Gro – For a MAN's Moustache

There's nothing that encapsulates the true strength of a real MAN like a fine and full lip mane.

Each hair in a true MAN's moustache contains testosterone equivalent to fourteen tiger testicles soaked in Marmite. This allows the MAN to achieve near-superhuman mental feats and physical capabilities.

Without a moustache, even simple tasks like changing a tyre or satisfying his spouse can reduce a man to an enfeebled, humiliated wreck.

With Mo-Gro, every man becomes a real MAN

Every drop of Mo-Gro contains:

  • Concentrated testosterone from dinosaur fossils
  • Crystallised lion hair

A single drop of this potent tonic will yield a top lip of triumphant and bristling brilliance within days.

For the average man there's hope. For the better MAN, there's Mo-Gro.

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Disclaimer: Mo-Gro is not a real product. It's been created for fun to help support the gloriously splendiforous charity that is Movember. If you needed to read this disclaimer to realize Mo-Gro isn't real, please go and see your doctor and ask to be committed.

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